Freear & Fitch is a garden design practice renowned for creating beautiful and timeless gardens.


We offer a range of garden design services that can be tailored to your needs. Whether you are looking for inspiration and advice, a revamp of your existing planting or a complete transformation of your garden, we are more than happy to help and advise you on the services you may need.


Garden Design

We've designed gardens of all shapes and sizes, from small town gardens to large country estates. What unites them is our desire to ensure they are sensitive to their environment, the architecture they offset, and reflect the needs and personalities of people who use them.


Planting Design

We offer a planting design service for clients who, happy with the overall design of their gardens, wish to create new borders, or refresh existing planting. Our extensive horticultural knowledge ensures that the right plants are chosen for the growing conditions of your garden and the style you desire. 


Garden Consultancy

For those clients uncertain of where to start, or in need of specific advice we offer consultancy on an hourly basis. We can provide on site guidance on planting, make recommendations for improvements, and help choose and source garden furniture, design features and specimen plants. 

A garden should enrich your life and bring you joy. It nourishes and feeds the soul as much as offering a space in which to play, laugh, entertain and relax. 

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