Designing and creating a landscape or garden is a process which requires time, resources, collaboration and much hard work. 


Whilst every garden is unique and each project has a life of its own, they tend to follow similar journeys:


Client Brief

To understand what kind of environment you would like to create we always start with an initial onsite consultation.

During this meeting we are able to gain an understanding of your requirements and lifestyle and begin to develop an instinctive response to the site. 

We will also gain a clear vision of your budget and timeline, and discuss whether any key elements require planning permission. We work in collaboration with architects and other specialists as required.

From this we develop a written brief, provide a full explanation of how the process will work and what the costs will be.

Site Survey 

A topographical survey is commissioned from surveyors for most projects. Smaller town gardens are sometimes surveyed ‘in house’. The existing level changes, buildings, trees, utilities and services all need to be recorded as this forms the basis of the design. 

We will also return to make a full photographic survey and analysis which will provide a review of your existing garden and highlight the key issues that need to be addressed.


We then make a presentation of the proposed scheme. 

Using the brief and the site survey we develop a scaled 2D annotated design plan which includes information on materials, planting and features.

Sketches or 3D drawings to help you visualise the finished garden. Photographic mood boards are produced to illustrate specific ideas and a design report helps detail the composition.


Once a final design is agreed we will provide you with all the necessary measurements, spot heights, construction drawings and specification for you to instruct your chosen landscaper. If it is a large project we can provide a tendering and project management service for you.  


We will create a detailed planting plan designed to suit the growing conditions of your garden and create the overall style you desire. We will prepare a plant schedule detailing the botanical name, quantity and size of each plant required to enable us to source the plants from specialist nurseries. Once the plants have arrived we will set them out and plant them for you.


A garden is constantly growing and evolving so careful maintenance is essential for the success of the garden created for you.

On completion of the garden we will revisit the garden within a month to check that the planting is establishing correctly and take remedial action where necessary. We will then hand over the garden to be cared for by its owners and their garden team. If required we can provide you with a maintenance plan for your new garden giving details of what action is needed over a calendar year. 

We are happy to assist in recruiting a gardener or maintenance team and will be available to provide on-going advice in a consultancy role as the garden takes shape and the plants establish and mature.